naples florida home watch services
naples florida home watch services
naples florida home watch services



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What should I be most worried about as a Seasonal Home Owner? 
Water intrusion:  A home watch professional will check the ceilings, walls, baseboards, around windows, and other places for signs of moisture or leaks.
A home watch professional's most important tool is their FLASHLIGHT.  It is used during the entire visit.

High Humidity:  One of the most important things is that your humidity is maintained, at a level, below 55%.  They should make sure the air conditioner is cooling properly so it draws the humidity out of the air.  
A hygrometer and laser thermometer should be used.
How frequently do you visit?
Weekly, Bi-monthly, or more frequently
If the provider offers a once per month visit, RUN!!! Absolutely ineffective. 
What are some other things you do on each visit?
Cycle the water, brush and flush toilets, operate appliances and check for visible signs of leaks, water damage or operational challenges. We recognize damage, in the early stages, before it becomes a disaster and troubleshoot in a responsible manner as well as to contact, or connect with, the appropriate professional services to remedy any situation.
The provider should know/insist that the water is OFF any time the home is vacant.  BONUS:  A seasoned home watch professional knows NOT to turn the water on in advance of client arrival so the home is not vulnerable.  The home owner turns it on when they arrive. Be sure to ask about the water heater procedure.
Do you have a home watch license?
There is no license requirement, or official regulation, in home watch. 
Red Flag:  Some who claim to have a license, or advertise such, are referring to a business tax receipt that costs about $50 or a license from another business they have that has nothing to do with home watch.
What training do you have that qualifies you to look after my home?
Serious providers have taken the Home Watch Training Program offered by Your Home Watch Professionals. Ask for a copy of their graduation certificate.
Prior career experience matters.  Home Watch skills are quite specific and true professionals know the importance of training, resources, and ongoing education.
How do you handle a problem or damaging situation?
A variety of resources should be available and the provider should offer options.
Beware of the provider who only refers to one particular company or may offer services for which they are not properly credentialed.
Are you insured?Always ask for a Certificate of Insurance/COI.  The coverage should be at least 1 million dollars.
Many home watch providers are not insured.  Buyer Beware!
How much do your charge?
The price for professional home watch usually starts at $40 per visit and increases based on the size of the property.
Can you find it cheaper?  Of course!  But if it is half the price, of the going rate, you will get half the service.
How do I know the visit was made?
There is Home Watch Software available that is GPS enabled.  The provider cannot open your (fully customized) checklist unless they are at your property.  A serious home watch professional will make this investment in their business.
This is the NUMBER ONE COMPLAINT from seasonal residents!  You are entitled to timely reports and accountability.
Who is making the visit?
I, the business owner and/or my partner, make the visit.  
I/we are trained, insured, bonded, passed a background check and are an Affiliate company of, industry leader, Your Home Watch Professionals.  
Are you looking for a retiree who sees home watch as a hobby to keep them busy or the person who treats it like a real business?  Yes, many home watch providers are transitional professionals who have been successful in other careers.  Only give your keys to a Real Deal Home Watch Professional.
Who makes the visit if you have an illness or other emergency?
The PLAN B is very important.  Should I be unable to make a visit, I have equally trained and credentialed, colleagues who could help out,  This is one of many benefits of the affiliation with Your Home Watch Professionals.
Very frequently, the home watch company has no contingency plan.  Visits are missed or your keys are given to someone who is not trained or insured.
What else should I know?
I cannot prevent anything.  It is my job to make a comprehensive visit and notice an irregular, or damaging, situation in the early stages; before it can become a disaster.It is our best practice to visit your home shortly after you leave to make sure everything is in order.  Often, a home owner will leave a door unlocked or open, water on, the thermostat set improperly, and so much more.  We also visit shortly before your return.  In fact, we call it our Murphy's Law Visit.

Who do I trust with my keys?

Are they trained?
Do they have a “real”, fully credentialed, business?
Do they have insurance?
Are they background checked?
Is this a business or a friendly favor?​

Use this helpful list of questions to educate yourself on choosing the best Home Watch Professional.

Your Home Watch Professionals® is the leader in the home watch industry.  Founder, Diane Pisani, has been providing home watch services since 2004.  To meet the needs of the growing market, she offers the Home Watch Training Program designed for professionals who are ready to start their own home watch business. The most dedicated business owners are Affiliates of Your Home Watch Professionals®.  Each company is independently owned and operated.  They have completed extensive training and are committed to continual education.  

Your Home Watch Professionals® takes the business of watching your home very seriously. It is our profession and our passion. We work together to provide the best home watch services imaginable.

Home Watch Affiliate Benefits:

Trained and tested
Insured and bonded
Have passed a background check
Undertake ongoing education and training

Fully committed to the Seasonal Resident
Dedicated and experienced management team
Accountability and contingency plans
Strong relationships with service providers
A Vendor Advisory Board
Exclusive “Water Zone Home Watch Method”
Experience and resources to handle any situation
Providing genuine peace of mind

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Peace of mind comes in knowing that your property is being watched and cared for by trained, tested, and trusted professionals. As home watch professionals we have to keep up with today's home features and best practices for the security of your home. We are affiliate partners with Your Home Watch Professionals where we constantly stay in communication with knowledgeable professionals in our trade, we receive valuable training,  Don't just give your keys to the neighbor and think everything will be just fine. All good intentions aside, when you leave your property for an extended period of time, you want to ensure that a regimented and trained professional will inspect your home top to bottom, inside and outside. 

What If… …your neighbor forgets to check the home during your absence and there is a leak? …your air conditioning system stops to work in the middle of summer? …the residence, above you, has a flood? …the pool guy leaves the hose running and your pool overflows? …you forgot to turn the water off and the toilet leaks? …creatures find their way into your home and make it their own? …you left food in your fridge and there is a power outage? Contact us – Before your WHAT IF becomes a WHEN!!

You’ve heard about home watch but, why in the world do you need it? A vacant home is a vulnerable home.  Home Watch is a vital service for all seasonal residents. The market is currently served by “Neighbors Doing Favors”, well meaning individuals, “Hobby Home Watchers” and some people who are just taking advantage of residents who are not here.

Home Watch Interview Guide

Valuable information for the Seasonal Resident